Prosecutor's Office charges four persons for murder and robbery of British citizen, one - for not reporting the crime

12.10.21 11:40

The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia charged G.B, Z.F, G.K. and G.O. for murder and robbery of a British citizen, T.K. Charges were also filed against V.O. for not reporting a felony.


According to the statement issued by the investigative agency, the Prosecutor's Office will apply to the court within the time limit set by law for the application of as a measure of restraint.


"The investigation conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed that on October 7, 2021, Z.F, G.K., G.O. and G.B. decided to rob British citizen, T.K. and told V.O. about their plans, who refused to take part in the crime. On the same day, in Gori, near a railway station, at night, G.B., Z.F., G.K. And G.O. forcibly seized T.K.'s mobile phone and plastic card. To cover up the crime, the defendants threw T.K., who was unconscious, into the river Mtkvari, as a result of which the latter died.


After that, Z.F, G.K., G.O. and G.B. again informed V.O. about the incident, who did not report a particularly serious crime to the law enforcement”, reads the statement released by the Prosecutor's Office.


The law enforcers detained Z.F, G.K., G.O. and G.B. on October 10. They face 13 to 17 years in prison, while V.O. faces 3 to 7 years in prison, if convicted.




source: IPN 

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